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Brussels context

The Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) covers a surface of 161.4 km².

It is divided into 19 municipalities.


Similar to the other Belgian Regions (Flanders and Wallonia), the BCR has its own set of legislative competencies:

  • spatial planning (urban planning, urban development, urban regeneration, land policy, protection of monuments and landscapes) and housing
  • environment, water policy and nature conservation, animal welfare, climate accountability system, transit of waste
  • economy (economic development, foreign trade, etc.) and employment policy
  • transport
  • public works
  • energy policy
  • local authorities (municipalities, intermunicipal associations, religious communities)
  • international affairs
  • scientific research

Responsibilities such as culture, education, sports and assistance for individuals on the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region fall under the authority of the Community Commissions.

The map below shows the main transport infrastructures, green spaces and waterways of the BCR.

Principal cartographic landmarks of the Brussels-Capital Region
Source : Bruxelles Environnement-Leefmilieu Brussel
Principal cartographic landmarks of the Brussels-Capital Region

Datum van de update: 21/10/2020