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Long-range plans approved during the period 2011-2013

Below is a list of political action plans on the subject of environment and energy that have been approved between 2011 and 2013. 

These long-range plans all apply to the entire territory of the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) and were prepared by Brussels Environment (the government organisation responsible for implementing regional competences in these two matters). When the date is printed in bold, the plan has successfully covered the long process of environmental impact assessment (EIA) and has been approved by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region after public consultation.

Of course the measures and priorities adopted by other governmental agencies in related policy areas, such as the mobility policy (Iris Plan), will also inevitably influence the results of the environmental and energy policies.

Air quality, energy and climate change

In order to meet the regional targets for reducing energy consumption, improving air quality and limiting emissions of greenhouse gases, the Region developed an integrated policy for air, energy and climate. This integrated approach makes sense, as the problems in these three areas are intimately linked.  

  • The legislative component of this integrated policy is the Brussels Code on Air, Climate and Energy Management (known by its French acronym, COBRACE). This framework ordinance was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 21 May 2013. It compiles legislation on air, climate and energy (including the regulations on the energy performance of buildings, air quality, transport plans, etc.) and provides a legal basis for a series of new measures such as those relating to private car parks, the environmental performance of vehicles, international climate engagements and so on. The Code also lays down an obligation to integrate the planning of future measures in the compartments air, energy and climate, by means of the publication of a single common plan every five years. 
  • The planning component of the integrated Brussels policy is the Regional Air-Climate-Energy Plan: on 26 September 2013 the Government approved a draft of this so-called Integrated Plan, in its first reading. The plan is currently undergoing an EIA and will be submitted for public consultation in the course of 2015. It serves simultaneously as an action plan for energy efficiency, a plan for air quality, a plan for adaptation to climate change and an action plan for renewable energy.


  • First Regional Water Management Plan 2009-2015 - approved on 12 July 2012 (entered into force on 15 September 2012)
  • Regional Pesticide Reduction Programme - approved in 2013
  • Public consultation on the work programme and calendar for the upcoming Water Management Plan 2016-2021: the consultation took place from 4 December 2013 to 3 June 2014.


  • Regional Pesticide Reduction Programme - approved in 2013

Green spaces and biodiversity

  • Regional Pesticide Reduction Programme - approved in 2013
  • Nature Plan: the Government approved the Draft Regional Nature Plan in its first reading on 26 September 2013. The environmental impact assessment was prepared at the end of 2013. From 15 February to 15 April 2014 there was a public inquiry into the draft plan and the associated EIA.
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